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Hit targets accurately with the SPIKE Family’s legacy missiles. Used by 34 nations, they are  among the most combat-proven anti-tank solutions in the world. Suited for land, air and naval platforms, the SPIKE Family’s 5th generation electro-optical missiles provide unparalleled performance, enhanced lethality, survivability and deterrence for the Warfighter.

These highly reliable, multi-purpose missiles strike with the utmost accuracy, incorporating advanced technology, high reliability and low Life Cycle Costs (LCC). SPIKE’S broad deployment or user base enables customers to collaborate with full commonality and interoperability between all the NATO and EU formations on operational and logistics levels.



A Shoulder-Launched “Fire & Forget” Short-Range Missile with a 2km range

Continuing the tradition of the Spike family of missiles, Rafael is proud to introduce a new member. The Spike SR™ utilizes 3rd generation electro-optical seeker technology in a versatile, light weight multi-purpose missile for use by the infantry platoon or section.

It has a high probability of hit against stationary and moving targets because of the state-of-the-art dual (day/night) electro-optical seeker, including un-cooled Infra-Red (IR), high resolution Charged Coupled Device (CCD), and optimized tracker. 


Spike SR is tailored to the needs of light operational forces in current and future conflicts. It is optimized for use in a large variety of operational and environmental scenarios. The short time interval from power-up to operational readiness enables engagement of targets which are exposed for brief time intervals. Spike SR’s rugged design and operational simplicity provide the Warfighter with the versatility and rapid response capabilities which are essential in modern asymmetric and near peer combat

For additional specifications and information, view the SPIKE SR Brochure


5th Generation, Precision, Long-Range, EO-Guided Missile System for Ground, Air and Sea

SPIKE LR2 is a state-of-the-art, EO, multipurpose, multi-platform, 5th generation missile system that meets the complex needs of modern warfare.

The missile weapon system ‒ which can be used for infantry,  armored vehicles, naval vessels and helicopters ‒ operates at long range, up to 5.5 km, with unparalleled precision. It successfully
engages direct, non-line-of-sight, and beyondline-of-sight targets.


SPIKE LR2 includes a powerful tandem HEAT warhead that can defeat any of today’s tanks, vehicles, or maritime vessels ‒ and can be used
in urban combat against structural targets found in urban settings for in-structure detonation.

For additional specifications and information, view the SPIKE LR2 Brochure


Extended Range 5th Generation EO-Guided Missile System for Ground, Air & Maritime Overmatch

SPIKE ER2 is an extended range 5th generation multipurpose,
multi-platform, multi-domain electrooptical guided missile system, designed for the complex challenges of modern warfare.


The SPIKE ER2 missile offers the optimal weight-to range
ratio, allowing standoff of up to 10-16 km while weighing only 34 kg. This capability enables light and agile platforms (ground, rotary, or maritime) to be modernized while maintaining their maneuverability
and agility.


The system’s enhanced capabilities enable precision engagement of either direct or non-line-of-sight targets from the ground, in the air, at sea ‒ delivering unprecedented tactical overmatch for ground tank
hunter units, attack helicopter squadrons, and naval flotillas

For additional specifications and information, view the SPIKE ER2 Brochure or email

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