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5th Generation, Precision, Long-Range, EO-Guided Missile System for Ground, Air and Sea

SPIKE LR2 is a state-of-the-art, EO, multipurpose, multi-platform, 5th generation missile system that meets the complex needs of modern warfare.

The missile weapon system ‒ which can be used for infantry,  armored vehicles, naval vessels and helicopters ‒ operates at long range, up to 5.5 km, with unparalleled precision. It successfully engages direct, non-line-of-sight, and beyond the line-of-sight targets.


SPIKE LR2 includes a powerful tandem HEAT warhead that can defeat any of today’s tanks, vehicles, or maritime vessels ‒ and can be used in urban combat against structural targets found in urban settings for in-structure detonation.

For additional specifications and information, view the SPIKE LR2 Brochure or email

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