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TROPHY is reshaping global battlefields, enabling an unprecedented level of survivability. It is in use on Merkava 3&4 MBTs and Namer APCs  and on Abrams MBT family. The system was selected by the German army for the Leopard 2 MBT and by the British Army for the newest Challenger 3 tanks. With over 5300 live fire events and 1,000,000 operational hours, it is the only APS that has already saved lives.

The Challenge:

Today’s armed forces are confronting increasingly sophisticated anti-tank weapons as well as a new generation of anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) that can defeat any main battle tank (MBT) frontal armor. To counter these threats, vehicles need Active Protection measures that will ensure the survivability of the crew and vehicle – as well as the capability to detect low signature shooters and engage them in seconds – thus enabling maneuverability.

The Solution:

TROPHY creates a neutralization bubble around the vehicle. It rapidly detects, classifies and engages all known chemical energy (CE) threats – including recoilless rifles, ATGMs, AT rockets, HEAT tank rounds, and RPGs. It increases the lethality of combat forces, successfully neutralizing the enemy's anti-tank teams.

It can locate the fire source, enabling the crew to return fire effectively using the platform's armament, or by interfacing with other fighting platforms via the BMS network.


  • More than 1,700 systems contracted

  • Years of operational survivability, enabling exceptional maneuverability

  • Proven high kill probability

  • No risk to dismounts or crews

  • Adaptable to wheeled & tracked IFVs

  • Can be integrated with Samson ALL-IN-ONE


“TROPHY performed as advertised” (U.S. Army), setting new standards for fewer false alarms, shocks, noise and radiation. It is easily adapted to all land vehicles, including light-to-medium, medium-to-heavy and next-gen platforms.

For additional specifications and information, view the TROPHY brochure or email

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