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The Air Defense Optimizer (ADO) is specifically designed to meet the requirements of Air & Missile Defense (AMD) professionals, providing advanced capabilities that can be used together as a stand-alone system, or integrated into operational AMD systems or customer Modeling & Simulation (M&S) environments. Tasks that previously required hours or days can now be performed in minutes.

Main Capabilities:

  • Strategic and operational planning

  • Real-time decision-making

  • Doctrine development

  • Decision-maker training

  • Offense planning

  • Operational debriefing and lessons learned

Simulation Modes:

The ADO includes two simulation modes which can be run as standalones, or online while connected to other systems. These modes enable users to plan, make informed decisions, run what-if scenarios, and fine-tune strategies before executing them in the field, as well as debrief operational events.

  1. Optimization Simulation –
    Deployment-Allowed Areas are defined along with Defended Assets and Threats. A proprietary optimization algorithm calculates and recommends the best options for AMD system deployments. The results can then be exported to the Evaluation Simulation.

  2. Evaluation Simulation –
    AMD System Deployments, Defended Assets and Threats are defined. The ADO simulates the scenario and provides visualized data that can be analyzed by the operator using a wide variety of data- analysis tools provided in the HMI.


  • More than 1,700 systems contracted

  • Years of operational survivability, enabling exceptional maneuverability

  • Proven high kill probability

  • No risk to dismounts or crews

  • Adaptable to wheeled & tracked IFVs

  • Can be integrated with Samson ALL-IN-ONE

For additional specifications and information, view the Air Defense Optimizer brochure or email

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