DRONE DOME provides a complete and comprehensive solution with a goal of enforcing effective UAV No-Fly zones. DRONE DOME is capable of identifying unknown targets, generating alerts (based on an adaptable rules generator), and operating without causing interference to non-target airborne assets by utilizing specific jammer bandwidth and an advanced directional antenna. This is a significant asset of the DRONE DOME system when operating in highly congested airspaces (civilian or military). DRONE DOME is a modular system and can be used as a stationary or mobile configuration, as well as customized per customer's request.

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DRONE DOME brochure

DRONE DOME-L brochure

or contact Eric Brown at  eric.l.brown@rsgsllc.com​


Sky Spotter is a passive Early Warning System with a high probability of detection and a very low false alarm rate.

Sky Spotter is used in a variety of implementations, either as a vital component in the fixed national network of the air situational picture, or by deployments of standalone Automatic Sense and Warn (AS&W) application for Force Protection and support to C-UAS / GBAD systems.

Sky Spotter uses highly sensitive MWIR, SWIR and Day sensors, establishing a passive aerial defence sphere, ranging from a 1 km radius up to tens of kilometers and more. Advanced algorithms of automation, image processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI), enable multiple targets to be engaged, tracked and managed simultaneously. Proprietary algorithms for coupling EO and radar readings into a unified picture, maximize the synergy of both ‘physics’, and provide an all-weather solution with proven robustness against particularly tough scenarios.

For additional specifications and information, view the:

Sky Spotter brochure or contact Eric Brown at  eric.l.brown@rsgsllc.com​