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Extended Range 5th Generation EO-Guided Missile System for Ground, Air & Maritime Overmatch

SPIKE ER2 is an extended range 5th generation multipurpose, multi-platform, multi-domain electrooptical guided missile system, designed for the complex challenges of modern warfare.


The SPIKE ER2 missile offers the optimal weight-to range ratio, allowing standoff of up to 10-16 km while weighing only 34 kg. This capability enables light and agile platforms (ground, rotary, or maritime) to be modernized while maintaining their maneuverability
and agility.


The system’s enhanced capabilities enable precision engagement of either direct or non-line-of-sight targets from the ground, in the air, at sea ‒ delivering unprecedented tactical overmatch for ground tank hunter units, attack helicopter squadrons, and naval flotillas

For additional specifications and information, view the SPIKE ER2 Brochure or email

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