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FIRE WEAVER™ is a revolutionary networked sensor-to-shooter system which enables unequalled speed, accuracy & safety for the tactical forces. It complements the BMS by connecting all sensors and shooters in real time, presenting relevant Augmented Reality information on the weapon sight, and instantly selecting the most relevant shooter for each target ‒ enabling simultaneous, precision strikes.

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The Challenge:

Today's multi-domain battlefields are more challenging than ever. Whether facing high intensity conflicts and being outnumbered by enemy forces, or fighting in complex urban areas and handling time-critical targets, the biggest challenge is to close the sensor-to-shooter loops in a very short time – accurately,  effectively, and simultaneously.

The Solution:

Fire Weaver manages the entire sensor-to-shooter process, neutralizing multiple targets in a remarkably short time. Fully mature & compliant with rules of engagement and safety standards for weapon systems, it enables fighters to receive & share battlefield data via AR icons on their weapon sights.


  • Offers fighters precision targeting, including visual markings on weapon sights

  • Reduces collateral damage, friendly fire incidents

  • Complies with international safety standards

  • Improves analysis and decision-making following the Rules of Engagement

  • Enables shared real-time situational awareness using AR symbols

  • Allows fast and easy integration with sensors and shooters of all types

  • Optimizes munitions usage via multiple targeting

  • Enables more efficient battle management


FIRE WEAVER ‒ a game-changing, field-test proven, force multiplier ‒ manages the attack process, presenting AR symbols and data from all sensors to all participants in real-time. Handling multiple targets simultaneously, it is GPS-independent, has 2D & 3D computer vision, and includes a Fire Management Terminal that enables operator control of the autonomous system. 



The U.S. Army Maneuver Battle Labs (MBL) evaluated Fire Weaver during the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment 2021 (AEWE).  Soldiers successfully used the Fire Weaver system to process and control direct fire and indirect assets, made rapid informed targeting decisions and  maintained friendly and enemy location situational awareness.


Here’s what Soldiers had to say about Fire Weaver’s sensor to shooter solution. 


  • “Instead of having to explain what you see, it is all uploaded so they can see it from theirs and your point of view.”

  • “I was able to see what the sensor was seeing and have the target engaged very quickly.”

  • “It lessens the time to confirm up and down the chain of command for the shooter to engage the target.”

  • “It is possible to have rounds on target within 10 seconds or less.”

For additional specifications and information, view the FIRE WEAVER brochure 

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