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A Shoulder-Launched “Fire & Forget” Short-Range Missile with a 2km range

Continuing the tradition of the Spike family of missiles, Rafael is proud to introduce a new member. The Spike SR™ utilizes 3rd generation electro-optical seeker technology in a versatile, light weight multi-purpose missile for use by the infantry platoon or section.

It has a high probability of hit against stationary and moving targets because of the state-of-the-art dual (day/night) electro-optical seeker, including un-cooled Infra-Red (IR), high resolution Charged Coupled Device (CCD), and optimized tracker. 


Spike SR is tailored to the needs of light operational forces in current and future conflicts. It is optimized for use in a large variety of operational and environmental scenarios. The short time interval from power-up to operational readiness enables engagement of targets which are exposed for brief time intervals. Spike SR’s rugged design and operational simplicity provide the Warfighter with the versatility and rapid response capabilities which are essential in modern asymmetric and near peer combat

For additional specifications and information, view the SPIKE SR Brochure or email

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