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Come and visit RSGS at the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems booth 449 at Sea Air Space 2-5 April at National Harbor. Some of the products that will be showcased by Rafael include the Typhoon, SPICE, Iron Dome's Tamir, and MicroLite as well as RSGS Drone Dome and SkySpotter.  We look forward to seeing you! 


The TYPHOON™ Stabilized Naval Remotely-Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) Family accommodates small- to medium-caliber guns, enabling superior ship perimeter protection. The high level of stabilization and pointing accuracy results in a high hit probability, even against multiple small and fast maneuvering targets such as in swarm attack scenarios, as well as air targets such as UAVs and drones. 

To learn more about TYPHOON visit Rafael or download the Brochure


SPICE 250™ is a next-gen Precision Guided Munition with an advanced data link and a stand-off range of 100km. Capable of hitting stationary, relocatable and moving targets on land and at sea, SPICE 250 uses a common aircraft interface and sophisticated Smart Quad Rack (SQR) with four weapons on each SQR.

To learn more about SPICE visit Rafael or download the Brochure


C-DOME™ enables hemispheric protection against saturation attacks from multiple directions simultaneously. The system integrates into the ship’s own radar and CMS and utilizes the combat-proven IRON DOME’s TAMIR, the interceptor that has achieved more than 2,000 successful interceptions. TAMIR Inceptors are part of three components (a modular Vertical-Launch Unit (VLU), and a Command & Control (C2) component) that comprise C-DOME. Utilizing the vessel’s surveillance radar to detect and track threats, it eliminates the need for a dedicated radar. 

To learn more about TAMIR visit Rafael 


MicroLite joins RAFAEL’s family of advanced aerial electro-optical systems that includes the Litening advanced targeting pod, of which over 1700 Systems have been operationally fielded world-wide, the RecceLite real-time Digital ISR pod, the Toplite EO/IR System, and more. MicroLite is an innovative, compact, lightweight EO/IR Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) system, for small aerial platforms such as UAVs, manned aircraft, aerostats and observation balloons.

For more information about RSGS at Sea Air Space please email

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