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ImiSight is a multi-sensor, cloud-based platform that utilizes imagery and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to extract priceless valuable insights – at scale!

ImiSight speeds up visual intelligence-based business processes in the focus areas of:

  • Land Encroachment

  • Utilities Maintenance

  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring

  • Coastal Erosion

  • Post Disaster Damage Assessment

  • Homeland Security

ImiSight Strengths:

  • Rapid “Big Data” management and AI analysis

  • Configurable cloud-based services and solutions

  • A scalable system tailored for each customer’s specific needs

  • Multi-sensor data collection and management

  • Near real time and off-line availability of results ​

ImiSight Complementary Services:

  • A ready team of supporting intelligence experts

  • Analysis of any type of image

  • Detection of anomalous activity

  • No requirement to purchase HW or SW

  • Can be applied to archived or newly acquired data

For a slide presentation of ImiSight capabilities click here

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