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Come and visit the RSGS booth A2 at the Michigan Defense Exposition & Opportunities Conference (MDEX) at the Macomb Community College in Warren, MI from 19-20 April.  We look forward to seeing you there! 



Integrating RAFAEL’s most advanced technologies, including AI and Computer Vision capabilities, RAFAEL’s suite for future armored vehicles transforms any type of armored combat platform into an ultra-modern, connected, protected and lethal defense system with enhanced survivability and autonomous capabilities.

To learn more about Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning click here



Hit targets accurately with the SPIKE Family’s legacy missiles. Used by 34 nations, they are among the most combat-proven anti-tank solutions in the world. Suited for land, air and naval platforms, the SPIKE Family’s 5th generation electro-optical missiles provide unparalleled performance, enhanced lethality, survivability and deterrence for the Warfighter.

These highly reliable, multi-purpose missiles strike with the utmost accuracy, incorporating advanced technology, high reliability and low Life Cycle Costs (LCC). SPIKE’S broad deployment or user base enables customers to collaborate with full commonality and interoperability between all the NATO and EU formations on operational and logistics levels.

To learn more about SPIKE Family of Missiles click here. 


BNET 2 150 DPI.jpg

The BNET broadband IP SDR (software defined radio), supports the modern digital battlefield's needs with high-speed, low-delay, reliable connectivity for broadband data, voice and video on the move. Delivering unprecedented network capacity in terms of data rates, number of users and minimal delay, BNET enables all land, sea and air radio units to participate in a single, seamless, scalable mobile ad hoc network (MANET).

To learn more about BNET click here.


Drone Dome (1).jpg

DRONE DOME provides a complete and comprehensive solution with a goal of enforcing effective UAV No-Fly zones. DRONE DOME is capable of identifying unknown targets, generating alerts (based on an adaptable rules generator), and operating without causing interference to non-target airborne assets by utilizing specific jammer bandwidth and an advanced directional antenna. This is a significant asset of the DRONE DOME system when operating in highly congested airspaces (civilian or military). DRONE DOME is a modular system and can be used as a stationary or mobile configuration, as well as customized per customer's request.

To learn more about Drone Dome click here.

For more information about RSGS at MDEX please email

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