Come and visit RSGS at the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems booth #2002 at the Air, Space & Cyber Conference from 19-21 September at the National Harbor. Some of the products that will be exhibited by Rafael include Sky Spotter, Spice and Litening. 



Sky Spotter is a passive Early Warning System with a high probability of detection and a very low false alarm rate. 
Sky Spotter is used in a variety of implementations, either as a vital component in the fixed national network of the air situational picture, or by deployments of standalone Automatic Sense and Warn (AS&W) application for Force Protection and support to C-UAS / GBAD systems.

To learn more about Sky Spotter click here.


SPICE 250™ is a next-gen Precision Guided Munition with an advanced data link and a stand-off range of 100km. Capable of hitting stationary, relocatable and moving targets on land and at sea, SPICE 250 uses a common aircraft interface and sophisticated Smart Quad Rack (SQR) with four weapons on each SQR.

To learn more about SPICE visit Rafael or download the Brochure


Litening’s high-resolution sensors improve target identification and enhance recognition range and image quality, thereby avoiding collateral damage. Wide-ranging capabilities include interoperability with JDAM, image and location-oriented missions, high-precision strikes, and battle damage assessment.

To learn more about Litening visit Rafael or download the Brochure

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