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RSGS Homeland Security Solutions provides access to Rafael’s suite of layered Homeland Security protection technologies to include  visual data intelligence solutions and navigation assistance. These technologies include Imisight, BNET, and Footprint. 


The Challenge:

To make intelligent, timely decisions, defense and civilian organizations need a consolidated solution that can collect and process data from various sources, transforming it into meaningful insights.


The cost-effective, multi-source ImiSight™ Intelligence System & Service accelerates intelligence  production, collecting, processing and creating reports from big data sources: e.g., satellite imagery, airborne sensors, UAVs and aerial imagery.


  • Obtain meaningful information through advanced image exploitation processes

  • Use for both real-time and offline research/monitoring

  • Automate processes for rapid big data management and analysis

  • Easily integrate with your own -3rd- party sensors

  • Scale to meet specific requirements

  • Receive reports on demand, in various formats

For additional specifications and information, please view the ImiSight Brochure

Footprint 2.png


Footprint is a Foot-Mounted Navigation transmitter for use in GPS-Denied and Low-Signal Areas that provides accurate positioning data of friendly personnel. Ideal for use in open, complex, or subterranean areas, the Footprint system is completely passive (non-radiant) and resistant to surrounding influences. 

For additional specifications and information please view the Footprint Brochure

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